What is ABERD?

It is the first non-profit association of weddings and social and institutional events in the Dominican Republic. It seeks to project the Dominican Republic as a leading country for national and international events, starting by grouping ourselves as professionals, in each line, defining our scope as a company, creating codes of ethics, responsibility and services. ABERD is a watchdog of quality and professionalism above all, managing to create an environment of union among all the affiliated companies, and at the same time being an entity that educates and creates new sources of income.


We will educate, share knowledge and watch over the correct professional practice of the design, planning and execution of all types of events and branches that comprise it.


  • Work for the development, welfare and professional growth of its members.
  • Educate and train its members in the various branches that make up the Association.
  • The trade of design and planning of events through common mechanisms and regulations.
  • Keeping partners up to date with the latest market trends.
  • Strengthen ourselves as Industry - Country.
  • Give back to society a little of what we receive and create a charity event in favor of the less fortunate and create scholarship funds for art students, that our contribution is for the artist child who can not afford a school or university .
  • goals

    Group, strengthen, create better professionals in all business areas of the sector, working together and joining efforts to achieve a common good for all members and associates of ABERD.

    • What is ABERD?
    • Why belong to Aberd?
    • Founder Members
    • ABERD is any company that is formalized and with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the market, offering services that offer products and services for the event industry, Decoration and planning for an event and that is recognized for its responsibility and excellent service.


      PRESIDENT Marypily López Marypily Event Studio
      VICE-PRESIDENT Angui Casasnova Icc
      SECRETARY Yaniris Pérez Events Planners
      TREASURER Lorren Abbott Florenzza
      ACADEMIC DIRECTOR Mirtha Sánchez  
      MARKETING DIRECTOR Carlota Sanlley  
      VOWELS Richard Buret Richard Buret & Asociados
        Ashley Alemany Disdeco
        Braulio Segura BS Events
        Junior Jorge La Vereda
    • It is a seal of support for responsibility, quality, trust. It opens doors to have a better working relationship, interact with other suppliers, expand its range of suppliers and generate more work. It promotes us before the client as a responsible and safe company.

      It gives facilities and discounts in some establishments. As a member of ABERD, you will have considerations and preferential treatment with suppliers. It provides training and training activities. It is a promotional channel for your national and international business. Share publications and information of interest.

      A work bank and possible business are available. It gives special benefits in national fairs. Help with access to international fairs. Serves as a channel to be part of International Associations related to the industry